[Le Diable noir]



[Le Diable noir]

The Black Imp

A Black Imp worn out by this hard and dirty work of the day has made up his mind to take a good night's rest in a comfortable bed. He sneaks into the bedroom of a small hotel and gets ready to stretch himself out upon the bed when he hears a noise outside the door which forces him to run and hide. Some servants of the hotel are showing the room to a traveler who has just arrived. The servants withdraw and the traveler takes possession of the room The Black Imp, exasperated to find that he has been dispossessed of a bed and a good rest, plays all sorts of tricks upon the guest until the latter becomes so mad with rage that he has to be carried away to a sanitarium. Rid of his annoyer, the lad gets into bed and immediately falls fast asleep.
The view is irresistibly comical. The tricks which the unfortunate traveler has to endure are most amusing and clever.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 683-689   
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1905 70m/225ft
4 France  


18/05/1905 EspañaPamplona
Palacio de la Ilusión Diablo negro 
11/06/1905 España, Reus, Sociedad "El Olimpo" cinematógrafo El diablo negro
30/10/1905 España, Alicante, Salón Novedades cinematógrafo El diablo negro 
24/02/1906 España, La Coruña, Pabellón Coruñes cinematógrafo El diablo negro 
29/03/1906 España, Palma de Mallorca Cinematógrafo Truyols  Diablo negro 
16/06/1906 Cuba, La Habana Enrique Rosas  El diablo negro
30/09/1906 EspañaLogroño Palacio de Proyecciones El diablo negro 
07/12/1906 España, Zamora Palacio Luminoso  El diablo negro 
12/03/1907 EspañaValencia Cinematógrafo de la Paz  El diablo negro