Montage de 45 photogrammes publiés dans The Modern Conjurer, p. 321-322
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Plate-spinning by Mr Maskelyne of the Egyptian Hall.

PAU 1896

Plate Spinning by Maskelyne

PAU 1897-03


MR. MASKELYNE (of the Egyptian Hall),
Spinning Plates and Basins.
THIS little scene shows a piece of juggling by this famous master of the art. Taking a number of common plates and bowls, he starts them spinning together, and, while they rotate, marshals them like soldiers on the table. Their evolutions, under the occasional touch of his trained hand, are truly wonderful.

PAU 1903


1 Paul 25 (1896); 64 (1897)  
2 Robert-William Paul John Nevil Maskelyne

Illustrated by photographs of Mr. J. N. Maskelyne, specially taken for this work, and by a cinematograph series of spinning three plates and a basin.
Plate-spinning is an accomplishment in which the learner will find no difficulty in acquiring a proficiency sufficient to cause much amusement both to himself and to his friends. If he should be ambitious, he will find scope for a patient development of his skill over a number of years, and yet at the end of that time will still have something more to learn if he would rival the famous professional entertainer, Mr. Maskelyne –by whose courtesy the writer is enabled to present the illustrations which accompany these few leading hints upon plate-spinning.
There are very few professional plate-spinners, and the reason is not far to seek. It is this: feats of spinning complicated and effective enough to perform before the critical present-day public, would require far more time to acquire than many more showy juggling feats. Hence it is that jugglers one and all seem unwilling to attempt to rival Mr Maskelyne in what has now come to be looked upon as one of his own monopolies in the entertainment line.

C. Lang Neil, The Modern Conjurer, London, C. Arthur Pearson Ltd, 1903, p. 321-322.

3 ≤05/10/1896 40 ft
4 Grande-BretagneLondres  



18/09/1896 EspañaSevilla Francisco Dos Santos Maskeline
14/11/1896 Grande-BretagneSheffield [David Devant] Maskelyne's Plate Spinning
30/08/1897 Grande-BretagneBexhill-on-Sea Ernest Wighton Mr. Maskelyne spinning plates
10/11/1897 Grande-BretagneGreat Marlow [David Devant Mr. Maskelyne’s elegant jugglery with plates