Cortège au mariage de la princesse Maud



Cortège au mariage de la princesse Maud

LUM 1897-01

Procession at the Wedding of Princess Maud

MB 1897


1 Lumière 248 (AS 1034) Maguire & Baucus 1248 
2 [Alexandre Promio]
3 22/07/1896 17m 
4 Grande-Bretagne, Londres, Saint-James Street  


08/09/1896 États-Unis, New York, 317 Washington st. Cinématographe Lumière Royal wedding procession 
[...] The were other new pictures, one of them representing the recent royal wedding procession following the nuptial ceremony in London in which the Princess Maude was one of the high contracting parties.
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, 8 septembre 1896, p. 7
05/10/1896  Grande-Bretagne, Londres, Empire Theatre Félicien Trewey H.R.H. Princess Maud's Wedding Procession returning to Marlborough House
07/10/1896 FranceMontceau-les-Mines Félix Mesguich Londres (cortège de la princesse Maub)
08/11/1896 États-UnisChicago, Schiller Theatre Cinématographe Lumière The wedding procession of the Princess Maud of Wales
01/01/1897 États-Unis, Washington, Willard Hall Whiting Allen/Félix Mesguich Princess Maud passes to her wedding
Newgate street, London, is shown as Princess Maud passes to her wedding.
Washington Times, Washington, 2 janvier 1897, p. 3.
31/01/1897 États-Unis, Saint-Louis, Hagan Theatre Félix Mesguich The Princess Maud's wedding
01/02/1897 États-Unis, Syracuse, Grand Opera House Delorme/Julien Valluy Parade in Spain in honor of Princess Maud