Guillaume Tell " Clowns "



Guillaume Tell " Clowns "

(Scène comico-fantastique)

MEL 1898

Adventures of William Tell-2

A clown is seen entering the hall in which he gathers together the different portions of armor, adjusting the same on a pedestal in the shape of a man. He places a cabbage on the helmet of the armor, which he endeavors to shoot off with a bow and arrow, as did William Tell of old. Immediately when his back is turned, the suit of armor comes to life, taking the cabbage from his head throwing it at the clown. He approaches the dummy, pulling off his arm and again adjusting same before proceeding for the second time to accomplish his purpose. The dummy takes exception to being made a target of and pounces upon the clown, whom he swings into the air, finally wiping up the floor with him, making his exit from the scene. The clown, who has the appearance of a limp rag on the floor, gathers himself together, but in endeavoring to make his escape he knocks against the bowstring, which causes his gun the discharge, piercing him with the arrow; the gun also explodes, causing fine smoke effects. A very funny subject, full of life.

MEL 1905-A



Méliès 159

2 Georges Méliès
3 1898 20m/65f
4 France


22/10/1901  EspagneAlcoy Cinematógrafo de la Glorieta  Parodia de Guillermo Tell 

Programa especial para hoy martes y mañana miércoles.
1.º Parodia de Guillermo Tell (En colores). 

El Herado de Alcoy, Alcoy, 22 de octubre de 1901, p. 3.