L’Œuf du sorcier



L’Œuf du sorcier

The Magical Egg

When this picture appears a man comes forward, bows to the audience, and engages in pantomime. Finally he lies down on a table, outstretched, and immediately becomes a skeleton. The skeleton finally disappears, and the magician in attendance prepares to perform his wonderful illusion. He causes an egg to appear in his hands, and stands it upright on the table, causing it to grow until it is about the size of a child's head. Seizing a paint pot and brush, he draws a face on the egg, which immediately takes life. Numerous wonderful changes takes place in rapid succession when the egg is finally reduced to ils natural size, and the magician leaps upon the table and again becomes the skeleton, which is finally removed by the attendant.

LUB 1903-01

El huevo del brujo


MEL 1904-A

Prolific Magical Egg

A human skeleton is placed upon a table by an attendant. When the attendant leaves the room the skeleton begins kicking his legs and throwing his arms about and suddenly turns into a magician. The magician produces an egg, performing several sleight-of-hand tricks, and places it upon the table with the small end downward. He then crudely draws a human face upon the shell, and the egg immediately begins growing larger and larger until it reaches the size of a normal head. The form of the egg fades away and there immediately appears the head of a very pretty girl. Then two or more of the same type appear on either side of the original. The heads of the girls are merged into one head and from this appears the hideous head of a hobgoblin. The hobgoblin fades away into the original egg. The egg is reduced to its normal size and is removed from the table by the magician, who swallows it. He then takes his place on the table, reverting back to the skeleton, which is removed by the attendant, thus closing the picture.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 392-393  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1902 40 m/130 ft
4 France, Paris  


*22/11/1902 EspagneBurgos  Enrique Farrús  El huevo prodigioso