L'Équilibre impossible



L'Équilibre impossible

Impossible Feat of Balancing

WAR 1902

Wonderful Balancing

The performer appears, clad in knee breeches fancily embroidered coat. He apparently tears them from his person, which leaves him in full white costume. He causes a chair to appear on which he seats himself join him on the stage. One rises slowly in the air without any aid and places the outstretched hand of the one who is seated. The second does likewise, while the third balances himself on the head of the original. They remain in position as above described for a few moments and finally descend to the ground, when all disappear except the original, who seizes his clothes which he had discarded, and throwing them in the air, they descend his person in the proper manner, when he, with a bow, disappears from view. Very mysterious.

LUB 1904-06

Equilibrio imposible

MEL 1904-A

An Impossible Balancing Feat

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 419 Warwick Trading Co 4419
2 Georges Méliès
3 < 04/10/1902 25 m/82 ft/80 ft (LUB)
4 France  


04/10/1902 Grande-BretagneLondres The Era  Impossible Feat of Balancing