Les Mousquetaires de la reine


Les Mousquetaires de la reine

Los mosqueteros de la reina

éxito parisién

MEL 1904-A

The Queen's Musketeers

Before going to war with his neighbors, the King reviews his men. The Queen's Musketeer's, who number only young men, are proclaimed the best drilled and most skillful of his soldiers. These young men manoeuvre in front of the King, Queen and the Court, and perform the most difficult tactics. This subject will be much enjoyed and appreciated by any audience.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 460-461  
2 Georges Méliès
3 1903 50 m/165 ft
4 France


26/07/1904 EspagneVitoria Requena Mosqueteros de la reina 
07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès Les Mousquetaires de la Reine
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
460-461     Les Mousquetaires de la Reine
Collection particulière [D.R.]
01/11/1906 Espagne, Igualada Cinematógrafo Moderno Los mosqueteros de la Reina



Les Mousquetaires de la reine, photographie de plateau
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