[L'Enchanteur Alcofrisbas]



[L'Enchanteur Alcofribas]

El encantador Alcrofrisbas

MEL 1904-A

Alcrofrisbas, the Master Magician

A prince accompanies the old magician Alcrofrisbas into a subterranean grotto, where the latter performs some fantastical wonders solely by his word of command. The old man first collects a fee, and then he raises a cup in the air from which flames instantly burst forth, and amid the flames there gradually appears the bust of a woman, just as though she were emerging from the cup itself. The prince signifying his desire that he might see a woman in full figure instead of one only partly disclosed, he is gratified by the magician, who makes the bust disappear slowly. But two assistants bring in on a litter a magnificent vase, and from this a most charming lady appears, the vase being transformed in the most marvellous manner. The two assistants bring two boards; the magician throws her into a trance and puts her upon the boards. Then they bring an enormous brazier which they place right underneath the sleeping woman. They poke the coals, which flame up briskly, and aided by the rising fire the body of the woman leaves the boards and ascends into the air, where it remains suspended. Then just at the moment when the prince advances to seize the floating body, it vanishes into air.
The magician, with a pass of the hand, then changes the grotto into another formed of stalactites of basalt. A beautiful cascade appears among the rocks and in the midst of the falling water three naiads may be seen floating about. They, in turn, are imperceptibly transformed in a large rose window, the rays of which turn inversely like pieces of fireworks. In the very centre of the window there appears the gigantic head of a living woman radiantly illumined, but it slowly fades away, and after in the window disappears. The prince, furious at the magician for creating only fleeting illusions and not producing any tangible beings, demands his money back. The magician then disappears into the ground. While the prince foams with rage, shadowy phantoms invade the scene. Maddened from fury he blocks these impalpable figures in every direction, but he cannot seize them, so finally, worn out from his exertions, he makes his exit, leaving the spirits master of the place while performing weird actions.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 514-516  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1903 70m/230ft
4 France