Les Costumes animés


Les Costumes animés

The Animated Costumes

The scene represents the shop of a costumer who rents garments for masquerades and fêtes. A young student presents himself for the purpose of selecting a costume for a masked ball. The proprietor shows him several, which he refuses, one after the other, for one reason or another, but principally because of their doubtful cleanliness and of the nauseating odors which emanate from them. The costumer, furious at having found nothing to suite his client, who seemed hard to please, opens a hamper from which he draws the clothing of a clown, of an acrobat, of a musketeer, of a danseuse and of various other personages, which, as soon as he throws them down beside him, begin to move about and become animated. These animated costumes seize the student, deal him some hard blows and shut him in the hamper from which they have come out. After terrific efforts, the unfortunate student extricates himself from the basket and throws himself upon what he supposes to be human beings, but his hand only grasps some tatters without consistence. They fall to the floor and he flies away in astonishment.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 626-627  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 50 m/165 ft
4 France  


21/07/1905 EspagneVitoria Gimeno Trajes vivientes
20/12/1906 EspagneVitoria Rocamora Trajes vivientes