[Le Dirigeable fantastique]



[Le Dirigeable fantastique ou Le Cauchemar d'un inventeur]

The Inventor Crazybrains and his Wonderful Airship

Overcome from weariness incidental to his prolonged and arduous studies and experiments upon the problem of aerial navigation, an inventor determines to take a rest, for he thinks that he has arrived at the complete solution of a perfect machine for penetrating space. He stretches out and almost instantly closes his eyes. But he is hardly asleep when he thinks that some spirits have shut him up in the net which is to surround his balloon and he is helplessly assisting in the destruction of his plans upon which so many days and nights of labor have been spent, upon the cherished ambition of his life. By degrees he becomes calm. Then he sees his balloon rise into the air with the motor in motion. The machine soars with ease and moves about complete mistress of the air, while the clouds pass by at a high speed. His overexcited imagination creates strange indistinct forms in his balloon. These forms assume the aspect of women who escape from the apparatus and hover about in the air. A comet with fiery tail passes through space. With horror he sees it approach his balloon charged with inflammable gas. The collision takes place, an explosion ensues. Now nothing remains of that wonderful invention which was to hand his name down to posterity. The imagined noise starts the inventor from his sleep, and he finds himself again in his workshop. But the vision has been so vivid that he actually believes that his apparatus exists no longer. He destroys his plans and his calculations in his delirium. Demoralized and conquered, he throws himself out of the window.
This scene is exceedingly spectacular in the cleverness of strangely weird inventions upon a subject which fascinates many from its possibilities and its dangers.
A great film for colored effects.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 786-788  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1905 60m/197ft
4 France