[L'Honneur est satisfait]


[L'Honneur est satisfait]

Who Looks, Pays!

A red hot comic hit in four scenes.

1. The Music Hall.-The first scene shows a music hall with the stage in the background and tables in front. While the various “turns” are enacted, spectators come and go, the chairs that are emptied by one set, being filled by another. At one of the tables in front a man of considerable years takes his place, and he is accompanied by a young and beautiful woman elegantly dressed. Two young men take seats at a neighboring table; one begins to flirt with the lady and he finally succeeds in passing to her a card upon which he has hastily scratched a few words. The old man who has seen the action, jumps up and slaps the young man; the latter retaliates, and a fight is started. The police are called in to stop the scrimmage, and as a result the two combatants are arrested and carried off to the stationhouse. The companion of hasty young man lavishes his consolations upon the young lady; these two go away together.

2. The Prison.-This scene shows the two combatants in prison. They are thrown with robbers and drunkards who give them a warm reception.

3. The Seconds of the Duel.-On the following morning the prisoners are released from the stationhouse. The young man receives, in his parlor, two friends whom he has asked to second him in a duel, for he expects that the old man will challenge him by sending his supporters to arrange a trial at arms. Indeed, two men come to demand apologies for the insult which the young man committed upon their friend the evening before. A duel is the result. Arrangements are quickly made: the duelists are to use pistols at first, and if no one is injured the sword is then to be resorted to until one is disabled. The meeting is set for the following day at tow o’clock.

4. The Duel.-This scene takes place in a forest. The duelists enter, each followed by his two assistants and a doctor. The distance is measured off, and the two adversaries fire at the word from the referee. Alas, it is the doctors who are hit. Wounded about the hips, they rush off holding their bands upon the injured parts with the terrified expression of one who has been kicked-in pain, but not in danger of death.
The pistols are loaded a second time. And this time, the heads of the two first supporters receive the bullets and are blown to pieces. Finally the duelists take up their swords. The two remaining seconds catch a glimpse of the advancing police, and they make tracks for a place of safety, leaving the combatants to fight it out alone. The guardians of the law interpose, but each is pierced by a sword and appalled to a tree, hard and fast. With their weapons out of use, the duelists shake hands, appalled at the frightful casualties of the combat-two physicians wounded, two seconds killed, two policemen pinned to the trunks of trees!-All onlookers.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 813-0817  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1906 105m/350ft
4 France  


23/06/1906 États-UnisNew York
The New York Clipper  Who Looks Pays