[L'Hôtel des voyageurs de commerce]



[L'Hôtel des voyageurs de commerce ou les Suites d'une bonne cuite]

A Roadside Inn

This film is destined to be as great a success as the celebrated “Inn Where no Man Rests,” for it is equally as original and as funny.

The setting is divided into to parts: that on the left is the landing of a hotel staircase from which ascends a flight of stairs leading to the rooms of the guests; on the right, is one of these bedrooms. At the moment when the view begins, a traveler who has ascended in order to go to bed, is trying to put his key into the lock of a room which is not his own. He tumbles back and forth from door to door in his endeavor to get into the right room, and he finally succeeds, but not without some timely assistance from obliging guests. He goes to bed at once, but he becomes indisposed and is forced to get up and leave the room. This is precisely the opportunity which the others have been waiting for in order to play a good trick upon him. During his absence, with the greatest possible haste, they rig up a dummy out of a bolster. They put a cotton cap on the head of it and lay it in the bed of the absent lodger. The latter presently returns and starts to get into bed, but just at this moment the fellows an irresistibly comical scene in which the guests come to the rescue of the drunken traveler, and, finally, toss him in a blanket until he bursts.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 844-845  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1906 75m/230ft
4 France  


06/10/1906 États-UnisNew York
The New York Clipper  A Roadside Inn