[Le Rastaquouère Rodriguez y Papaguanas]


[Le Rastaquouère Raodriguez y Papaguanas]

A Seaside Flirtation

A young lady in a bathing suit enters a bath house situated on a beach near a seaside restaurant, and while she is there a young bon vivant comes along and intimates a very keen desire to know the young lady who had just entered the bath house. He sits down at one of the tables nearby and orders pen and paper. While he is absorbed in writing an apparently very affectionate note, the lady calls her husband, who is in another one of the small bath rooms and explains to him quickly that he is to change rooms with her. This is quickly done, and soon the young flirt has his note ready. He tries to slip it in at the top of the door, and begins to explore for an opening where he can insert it. He finally bends down with the intention of slipping it under the door. The husband, who is inside, now pokes his head out and drops the contents of a large water pitcher over the person of the kneeling young dude, who, becoming very much excited, upsets the little bath house. It falls upon a group of diners close at hand and they indignantly seize him, lock him into the little shelter house, together with all the chairs and tables they can pile in. They lift it high into the air, and the poor fellow inside gets a severe shaking up. They only stop when he drops out, a sorry looking sight; but as a grand finale the cook comes upon the scene and empties the contents of a bag of flour over the unfortunate Lothario. Now the young woman who is the cause of his folly and incidental discomfiture comes out of the dressing room in her street costume and she joins all assembled in mocking the would-be gallant in his pitiable plight..

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 871-873  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1906 72m/238ft
4 France  


24/11/1906 États-UnisNew York
The New York Clipper  A Seaside Flirtation