The Delhi Durbar

1903 06 19


The Delhi Durbar

A SUPERB RECORD of the greatest pageant of our times, this Film brings home to the beholder, in the most striking manner, the magnificence of our Eastern dominions. No less than 210 elephants took part in the procession, and of these a large number appear in the picture, each decked with chains of precious metals, and elaborately worked cloth-of-gold. They bear in their howdahs, which are carved and decorated in marvellous fashion, the Viceroy and Lady Curzon, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and most of the Ruling Princes of India, and are accompanied by servants bearing regalia, spears, and ladders. The short intervals between the mammoth beasts, of which no such procession has ever before been seen, are filled up with Imperial Service Troops, Bengal Lancers, Baluchs, and Pathans, and carriages containing the Governors of Presidencies conclude the scene. While the illustrations give an idea of the perspective and general effect of this grand Film, they cannot present the wealth of detail and stately action, so clearly rendered as to form a landmark in Animated Photography.

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 PAU 1903-06


1 Paul  
2 n.c.
3 [1903] 240 f (short length 120 f) 
4 Inde, Delhi