The Boxing Kangaroo

1895 boxing kangaroo


The Boxing Kangaroo


1 Birt Acres   
2 Birt Acres  
The photographs also of the Boxing Kangaroo, Tom Merry, lightning cartoonist, dancing girls, bears, &c., as well as the magnificent wave picture at Dover, are also mine.[...]
March 7, 1896. Birt Acres.

The British Journal of Photography, Londres, 13 mars 1896, p. 173-174.

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4 Grande-Bretagne  


 06/07/1895 Grande-Bretagne. Barnet Birt Acres, kinetoscope The Boxing Kangaroo
20/04/1896 Grande-BretagneLondres. Birt Acres. Kineoptikon The Boxing Kangaroo
21/07/1896 Grande-BretagneLondres. Birt Acres. The Boxing Kangaroo
05/09/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Sheffield. Kineoptikon Boxing Kangaroo
17/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Sheffield. Birt Acres. Boxing Kangaroo
27/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Barnet. Birt Acres. cinematescope Boxing Kangaroo
29/10/1896 Grande-BretagneLiverpool Birt Acres. The Boxing Kangaroo