Rough Sea at Dover

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Rough Sea at Dover


1 Birt Acres  
2 Birt Acres  
3 <10/04/1896  
4 Grande-Bretagne. Douvres.  


21/03/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Londres. Birt Acres A rough sea at Dover
10/04/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Cardiff. Birt Acres Rough Sea at Dover

The representation of the waves at Dover was very real, and as each breaker rolled in rounds of applause were accorded by the delighted spectators. This was the longest of the pictures, and, as showing the number of photographs required to produce a scene like this, it was stated that this wave representation was the result of 2,500 separate photographs. At the close Mr. Acres was accorded a hearty vote of thanks upon the proposition of Mr. S. W. Allen, seconded by Mr. T. H. Thomas.

Evening Express, Cardiff, samedi 11 avril 1896, p. 3.

20/04/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Londres. Birt Acres The waves rolling past the Admiralty Pier at Dover
05/09/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Shieffield kineopticon Sea Waves at Dover
29/10/1896 Grande-BretagneLiverpool. Birt Acres Waves breaking on the shore at Dover