Football, Yale 


Football, Yale

Pratice game between the first and second eleven.

BIO 1902


1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company  97  
2 William K. L. Dickson.  

Photographed White at Play for the Biograph.
Mr. William L. Dickson photographed the Yale eleven while at practice yesterday for the biograph, the newest and best invention for the display of motion photography, which is to go on exhibition at Poli's Wonderland theater next Monday. The arrangement for photographing the team was made with the Yale management through the courtesy of Head Coach Hartwell. Mr. 
Dickson had already made several other local views, such as the fire engines leaving No. 2's house on Artizan street, the Winchester armory employes leaving for dinner, and others. On Saturday he will make views of the Yale and Princeton team at play on Manhattan field.
All three views with other splendid American ones will be shown during the engagement of the biograph at the Wonderland.

The Morning Journal-Courier, New Haven, jeudi 19 novembre 1896, p. 2.

3 21/11/1896. 30 ft. Monicongo.
This afternoon and evening Mr. Cleveland expects to picture the great Yale-Princeton football match played last Saturday.
The Buffalo News, Buffalo, samedi 28 novembre 1896, p. 22.
4 États-Unis. New Haven.


31/12/1896 États-Unis. Saint-Louis. Théâtre Hopkins.   Yale foot ball team 
03/04/1897 États-Unis. Washington. Willard Hall. Biograph Yale foot ball team