Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Topeka est une ville de l'état du Kansas (États-Unis).


Le kinetoscope parlor (704 Kansas Avenue, <30 avril-4 mai 1895)

Un kinetoscope parlor est installé en avril au 704 Kansas Avenue :

The new phonograph and kinetoscope parlor, at 704 Kansas avenue, is a popular resort. The Inter Mezzo, from Cavalierra Rusticana, as sung by Miss Grace Wittish at the Atchison-Black wedding, can be heard there.

The Topeka State Journal, Topeka, mardi 30 avril 1895, p. 6.

Les séances se prolongent jusqu'au 4 mai :

Nobody should miss visiting the kinetoscope parlor, 706 Kansas avenue, as it contains the most expensive scenes ever taken by these wonderful machines. The price is only 5 cents of each machine. The exhibition will close Saturday evening 11 p.m.

The Topeka State Journal, Topeka, mercredi 1er mai 1895, p. 6.