Thomas Alva EDISON





No solo Edison se interesa por la guerra:

During an interview with Mr. Guth, of Kansas City, Mo., he informed our representative that he will leave for Cuba to take pictures of the Battle ship Maine, the fleet and divers. He expects to be gone about two weeks.

Phonoscope, New York, février 1898, nº 2, p. 9.

La American Mutoscope Company también rueda cintas del hundimiento del Maine. 

selig william 1908
Motion Picture Patents Company (18 Décembre 1908)
[devant de gauche à droite] Frank L. Dyer, Siegmund Lubin, William T. Roch, Thomas A. Edison, J. Stuart Blackton, Jeremiah J. Kennedy, George Keine et George K. Spoor.
[derrière de gauche à droite] Frank J. Marion, Samuel J. Long, William N. Selig, Albert E. Smith, Jacques A. Berst, Harry N. Marvin, William Singhi et Peter Huber.
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences [rep. dans Andrew A. Erish, Col William N. Selig, the man who invented Hollywood, Austin, University of Texas Press, 2013, p. 29.

selig william 1908 02
Edison in library with motion picture manufacturers, licensees
of Motion Picture Patents Company, Building 5, December 19, 1908. Seated clockwise from Thomas A. Edison: Jeremiah J. Kennedy, Henry N. Marvin, Jacques A. Berst, George K. Spoor, William T. Rock, Peter Huber, Siegmund Lubin, Albert E. Smith, J. Stuart Blackton, William Siwghi, Samuel Long Kalem, William N. Selig, George Kleine, Frank Merion, Frank L. Dyer. Photograph by G. Kleine. Photo no. 14.820/17.