Le Coffre enchanté



Le Coffre enchanté

El cofre encantado

MEL 1904-A

The Bewitched Trunk

This shows the interior of a castle; in the centre is seen an old-fashioned fireplace. Enters a Seignior of the Royal Court, who commands his valets to bring forth a large trunk, which they place on trestles in front of the fireplace. Taking a large piece of paper, he folds it in the shape of a cornucopia. When he has shown that it is entirely empty he takes out of it one rabbit after another and puts them into the trunk. Shutting down the cover, he steps to the side and opens it again, when to our surprise out steps a beautiful girl; and she is hardly out of it when another steps out from the other side of the trunk. The valets then enter and raise the trunk higher up; it is seen to fade away and in its place is seen reclining a beautiful Turkish girl, who is calmly fanning herself. She fades away and the trunk appears again. The Seignior makes a handspring and disappears, only to reappear from out the trunk. He shuts down the cover, and is seen at once jumping up as if out of the floor. The trunk is lowered and the girls are put back into it. It is then placed on end on a stool; and on being opened out step the valets one by one. When in its first position, the valets and the Seignior stand on it; they take a lace curtain and fold it around them. Upon unfolding in their place are seen the girls. They then spread a rug on the floor to show that there are no traps in the floor by which to escape and the trunk is placed upon it. First the valets, then the girls get into it alternately. Down goes the cover and the Seignior attempts to carry it out, but as it is heavier than he bargained for he slips, and crash goes the heavy trunk upon him. He is apparently crushed to the floor. The valets, hearing the fall, rush in and lift up the trunk, expecting to see the crushed remains of their master, but he laughingly opens the trunk, steps out and seizes them; and giving a pull he holds in their place two sheets, which he throws into the trunk. The Seignior gets into the trunk himself, when the four of them appear from behind the scenes and bow to the audience. This film is full of life and entirely new tricks and new dissolving effects. Very interesting and mysterious.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 547-549  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904-< 24/06/1904 70 m/225 ft
4 France  


*25/10/1901 Espagne, Murcie El cofre encantado
24/06/1904 Cuba, La Havane Costa y Prada
El cofre encantado
18/08/1904 MexiqueToluca Enrique Rosas El cofre misterioso
02/01/1905  EspagneAlicante, Salón Novedades cinematógrafo Cofre encantado