Forepaugh and Sell's Circus

Circus Street Parade


Circus Street Parade

Whenever the Circus comes to town, whether it be in a country village or the largest city, everybody flocks to see the Street Parade, from the small boy to the gray haired man. It is a special delight to the women and children to see fierce beasts roam the street apparently unattended. The King of Beasts, the Lion, is seen perched on the top of one of the gaudily bedecked wagons as though he was born there. The Camels, ships of the desert, walk calmly by, side by side with the Elephants from the jungles of Africa. Beautiful women drive past in chariots of gold, drawn by four spirited horses abreast. Clowns perform some of their funny antics to keep the crowds in good humor. Men and women are seen in the cages with fierce Bengal tigers and poisonous snakes, yet show no fear. We stand amazed as the Circus goes by, and determine to see the show by all means. There is nothing as interesting as a Circus Street Parade.

PAT 1903-01


1 S. Lubin  
2 n.c.   
3 04/1902 125f
4 USA, Philadelphia  


06/06/1903 Cuba, La Habana Costa y Prada Parada o desfile de toda la compañía por las calles de la ciudad