Garde montante au palais de Buckingham




Garde montante au palais de Buckingham

LUM 1897-01

Guard Mount at Buckingham Palace. The London Home of Qeen Victoria

MB 1897

Change of Guards at St. James's Palace

One of the most popular of English Military subjects. The Band of the Horse Guards is seen approaching, followed by Scotch Pipers and Guards as they march close to the Camera. Crowds of spectators line one side of the wall. Palace in the background. Sharp and clear.

MB 1898

Palacio de Buckkingam

Hermosísimo desfile de la guardia montada.

LEP 1902

Londres : Guardia montada en el palacio de Buckingham

LUM 1904-ESP 


1 Lumière 257 (AS 1031) Lepage 1020, Maguire & Baucus 1257 
2 n.c. 
3 [20/02/1896]-17/05/1896 17 m, 20 m (Lepage) 
4 Grande-Bretagne, Londres, St James's Palace   


17/05/1896 France, Chartres Alexandre Promio Le Lever de la garde au palais de la reine à Londres
29/06/1896 FranceLille Étienne Thévenon  Garde montante (Londres)
05/07/1896  FranceGrenoble Cinématographe Lumière Garde montante 
04/08/1896 Grande-Bretagne, Londres, Empire Félicien Trewey The change of the Guard at St. James's Palace 
As for M. Lumiere's Cinematographe, it appears to be more attractive than ever. No wonder ; its facilities for change and variety seem to be inexhaustible. The latest developments of the Cinematographe include a series of wonderfully realistic representations of scenes and ceremonials connected with the Coronation of the Czar at Moscow, the change of the Guard at St. James's Palace, and " Outside of the Empire," where the public see, perhaps for the first time, a life- like figure of Mr. Dundas Slater, the able and popular manager of the establishment. By means of the Cinematographe, Londoners can have a view any night in Leicester-square of Cossacks in full attire as they appeared on Coronation-day entering Moscow, soldiers marshalling the grand calvacade as it approached the city, State carriages and their occupants, and various processions, as well as get a good idea of the personal appearance* of most of the distinguished persons who appeared in public on that memorable occasion. These views reflect much credit upon M. Trewey, under whose management they are produced.
London Evening Standard, Tuesday 04 August 1896, p. 6 
11/11/1896 FranceChalon-sur-Saône Félix Mesguich Relevé de la garde à Londres
08/06/1899  Nouvelle-Calédonie, Nouméa  Georges Boivin  Relevé de grand'garde au palais de Buckingham (Londres)