Procession du tapis sacré



Procession du tapis sacré

LUM 1897-02


1 Lumière 363 (AS 98)  
2 Alexandre Promio   
3 26/03/1897 17 m
[...] A wooden booth with pinnacles at its four corners and covered with the most costly stuffs is used to transport the Kiswa. On Chawal 23 rd., March 26th, there will be a combined Lord Mayor's show and circus procession in Cairo -soldiers of the Khedive as an escort, camels laden with orange branches and fruit, bands playing Arabian music, and pilgrims escorting the booth containing the carpet. Immense throngs line the way and struggle with each other for a chance to touch the sacred conveyance.
The Daily Tribune, Salt Lake City, March 7, 1897, p. 15.
4 Égypte, Le Caire  


18/04/1897 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière Le Caire : départ du tapis sacré pour La Mecque
18/03/1898 Suisse, Fribourg François-Henri Lavanchy-Clarke  Le Tapis sacré