Le Rosier miraculeux


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Le Rosier miraculeux

MEL 1908

The Wonderful Rose-Tree

The Brahmin, Iftikar, who enjoys a great reputation in India, has determined to surpass everything which he hitherto has done and to make a creation which shall place the seal upon his renown. He sows some seeds upon the carpet, prostrates himself, and in the course of his invocations, in less than an instant, the grains germinate. A small rosebush at first appears; it grows and produces beautiful roses which cover it. Aided by his servant, the Brahmin gathers the roses and makes of them a magnificent bouquet, which is changed into a single enormous rose. The flower spreads out its opening petals and from its centre there darts forth a young and lovely woman, whom the Brahmin strives to embrace. But she eludes him in his pursuit and she dances before his astonished eyes a fascinating and bewildering serpentine dance, Iftikar, entranced, would like to grasp her again; but this time the dancer disappears and the rosebush laden with roses resumes its place. The Brahmin is in despair; he tears the roses, destroys the rosebush and he confesses himself conquered, for he has been able to create but not to preserve.
This adaptation to scenery of the poetic Hindu legend was made especially for coloring. Its charm and its delicate beauty are very materially enhanced by the intelligent and harmonious coloring of our artists.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 634-636  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 60 m/200 ft
4 France, Paris  


26/04/1905 Espagne, Tortosa Berbis/Belloch Rosal maravilloso
24/10/1905 Espagne, Xérès, Teatro Eslava Llorens El rosal maravilloso
24/08/1906 EspagneSalamanque Juan Minuesa  Rosal maravilloso