Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Chicago est une ville de l'état de l'Illinois (États-Unis).


Le kinetoscope (mai 1894)

Chicago est une des villes américaines qui va être tout particulièrement favorisée puisque dès le mois de mai 1894, une dizaine de kinetoscopes fonctionnent :

The new Edison device for recording and reproducing scenes of people and objects in motion is being exhibited at No 148 State street for the first time in Chicago. There are only twenty-five machines in existence and ten are in operation in Chicago. To many the new invention will seem marvelous as it records the most intricate movements with exactness. It is accomplished by a mechanical device operated by electricity, so constructed as to run films containing the pictures in slightly varying positions past a given point at the speed of forty-six times each second. Among the scenes in the machines now in operation are the interior of a barber shop in which smoke from a cigar held by one of the figures is clearly distinguishable, a wrestling match, a young girl in the act of dancing, a forge scenea cock fight and others. It is a device which, if not as practicable as some which have emanated from Mr. Edison’s genius, is quite as wonderful.

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, 28 mai 1894, p. 6.

Les titres projetés font partie des premières bandes commercialisées par Edison.