By the Leigh Sisters, a special favorite.

Maguire & Baucus 04/1897

Umbrella Dance

A very novel and attractive subject for a projecting machine, by the Leigh Sisters. Has proved very popular. Especially attractive when colored.

EDI 1900-03


1 Edison 25 (MU 144). Alfred Clark. Raff & Gammon. Maguire & Baucus 25
2 William Heise. Enda Leigh. Stella Leigh.
3 <02/10/1895 50 ft
4 États-Unis. West Orange. Black Maria.


02/10/1895 États-Unis. Washington kinetoscope The Acrobatic Dance
New Attractions on the Graphophone and Kinetoscope
Within the past day or so the attractions on nearly all of the Graphophones and Kinetoscopes have been changed. Some of the new ones on the Kinetoscope are
THE CYCLONE DANCE, by Senorita Lola Yberre.
THE ACROBATIC DANCE, by Leigh Sisters from the Passing Show.
THE TRILBY DANCE, by the Leigh Sisters.
On the Graphophones.
"BY THE SAD SEA WAVES," by Vesta Tilly.
"HENRIETTE," as sung by Bessie Bonehill in Little Christopher.
Nickel in the slot starts them running.
Columbia Phonograph Co.,
919 Pa. Ave.
The Evening Star, Washington, mercredi 2 octobre 1895, p. 12.
19/05/1896 États-Unis. Boston. Keith's. vitascope  
The Vitascope at Keith's
Then two smiling blondes danced under a big umbrella. First they danced with the umbrella over their heads, and their short skirts swayed and their white slippers twinkled. then the umbrella was whirled in front of them, and only their white feet were seen underneath. They danced out of its shield and their dresses changed colors-not both the same color, but two different colors.
Boston Herald, Boston, 19 mai 1896.
19/02/1897 Costa Rica, San José Edwin Dickson  Baile de los paraguas
18/04/1897 MexiqueMexico Joaquín Espinosa  


leigh sisters dessin
The Saint Paul Globe, dimanche 25 avril 1897, p. 19.