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French Experts to Operate Cinematograph on the Streets To-Day
The first cinematograph pictures of the streets of Winnipeg will be taken to-day by Leo Lefebre [sic], of Paris, France. These views are being made by Mr. Lefebre for the French Geographical society and the Society of Popular Conferences, of which Paul Dourmer [sic], president of the French house of deputies, and Maurice Berteaux, former minister of war, are the joint presidents. The pictures will be used in all parts of the world. Mr. Lefebre has with him as assistant, George Caret, an expert with the camera, who will make the views in this city. The Winnipeg views will be part of a collection which, when taken, will give a splendid presentation of Canada as it is at the present time.

"We began our work on the continent in the city of New York," said Mr. Lefebre to a Free Press reporter last night. "We made pictures of Fifth avenue, at the corner of 23rd street, and of the great Brooklyn bridge at the rush hour. Crossing to Canada; we got nine pictures of Niagara falls, photographing them from both the American and the Canadian sides, and in Toronto we got pictures of the arrival of the Chlppewa and the scenes at the corner of Yonge and King streets. In the province of Quebec we took many interesting pictures at Lake St. John, the Saguenay river, St. Anne de Beaupre, Roberval, Montmorenci falls, Ouiatchouan falls and the rapids at Chicoutimi, at Paspebiac and Port Daniel on the bay of Chaleur, at Quebec and Montreal. At Chicoutimi we took pictures of the wood pulp factories, giving a complete view of the various processes. In passing we got very fine views of the Thousand islands and in Ottawa we secured several views of the Rideau falls and the well known driveway.
"In Winnipeg we will get pictures of Main street and Portage avenue, and also the arrival of the transcontinental train on the Canadian Pacific railway. Our camera we will place on the forward portion of the street car, if we receive the permission of the management. The photographs will be shown in all parts of France and will give a true impression of the city. Most of the French people have the impression that at this time of the season the ground in the city of Winnipeg is covered over with the snow. Consequently they are afraid to come to this country. When they see the pictures taken at this time they will be the readier to come to the west, having learned that your climate is so much milder than they might have supposed.
"In Brandon we are making arrangements to take pictures of threshing operations and harvesting. We will endeavor to get the view of the threshing machines in full operation and also the view of the machinery as it is being removed from one farm to another. At Calgary we will see the Indians on the reserves and in British Columbia we will take most careful pictures of the salmon in the Fraser river and the methods of handling. For the Indians we have with us a great box of knives and boxes of handkerchiefs of bright colors for the women and children. We will, of course, get pictures of the Rocky mountains on the way through, having completed arrangements with the company to take pictures from the rear of the train as it passes through the denies.
Being asked regarding the possibility of gaining good views Mr. Lefebre stated that much depended on the skill of the operator. The angle at which the instrument would be held, even though the angle might be so slight as to be imperceptible, might convert what would otherwise be a very fine picture into a very poor one. The pictures which he and Mr. Daret were taking for the French societies would receive expert care In the city of Paris where they would be edited by the well-known firm of Pathe Brothers The gentlemen expect to get through with there work in Winnipeg to-day and to leave for the west to-morrow They carry with them the credentials of the minister of foreign affairs of France.

Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, 26 de septiembre de 1906, p. 3.

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