Gugusse et l'Automate


Gugusse et l'Automate

(scène comique)

MEL 1898

Gugusse et l'Automate

MA 1902

Gugusse and the Automaton

MEL 1905-A

The Clown and Automaton

Automaton Is seated on box, the Professor turns a wheel and the automaton gradually grows to the size of a giant. The giant has a stick in his hand with which Le hits the Professor over the head, the Professor gets mad and takes a big mallet and hits the giant over the head several times; as each blow strikes the giant is seen to grow smaller until he has again become the Automaton, when with another blow the Professor changes him into a piece of wood.

SEA 1908


1 Méliès 111 Mazo 53
2 Georges Méliès
3 1897 20m/65f/75f (SEA 1908)
4 France