Magie diabolique G. Méliès


Magie diabolique G. Méliès (1)

Magie diabolique G. Méliès (2)

(Scène à transformation)

MEL 1898

Black Art

MEL 1905-A

Black Art

Here is another illusion. First we see a magician stand his assistant up-right and using his arm for a pump handle causes a volume of water of issue from his mouth equal to that from a pump. He fills a large vessel of water in this manner and while the assistant holds it aloft, is suddenly catches fire. He then produces several fish in like manner which his master places in an aquarium near at hand and they can be plainly seen swimming around. They then take two large scarfs and fling them in the air several times, twisting them in numerous two beautiful girls, who disappear as mysteriously as they came. All this and more is seen in this wonderful magical picture.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 140-141  
2 Georges Méliès
3 1898-<27/03/1898 20+20 m/130 ft/150 ft (LUB 1903-01)
4 France, Montreuil


27/03/1898 FranceParis, Théâtre Robert-Houdin Georges Méliès La Magie diabolique 
Le théâtre Robert-Houdin vient de faire paraître deux nouvelles vues : la Magie diabolique et les Rayons Roentgen, du plus étonnant effet.
L'Attaque, Paris, 27 mars 1898, p. 3.
27/02/1900 EspagneAlcoy Vitagraphe  Magia diabólica
13/01/1901 EspagneAlcoy Sanz Magia diabólica
22/10/1901 EspagneAlcoy Cinematógrafo de la Glorieta  Magia diabólica por G. Melies 

Programa especial para hoy martes y mañana miércoles.
4.º Magia diabólica por G. Melies. (En colores). 

El Herado de Alcoy, Alcoy, 22 de octubre de 1901, p. 3.




Magia diabólica por G. Melies