Salle à manger fantastique


Salle à Manger Fantastique

MEL 1899-01

A Dinner Under Difficulties

MEL 1905

Fantastic Dining Room

This is ludicrous. A man and two women attempt to seat themselves at a table when the chairs disappear and they fall to the floor. On arising they find the chairs again, but the table rises to three time its natural height. They stand on the chairs and the table disappears through the floor, coming up in a far corner of the room. More magic is seen in this picture than in many twice its length.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 171  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1898-1899 20 m/65 ft
4 FranceMontreuil


04/11/1902 EspagneBurgos Enrique Farrús Comedor mágico
11/11/1905 MexiqueVeracruz Barreiro/Toscano El comedor encantado
11/02/1906 MexiqueProgreso Barreiro/Toscano El comedor encantado
29/04/1906 MexiquePachuca Barreiro/Toscano El comedor encantado 
25/06/1906 MexiqueVeracruz Toscano El comedor encantado
02/07/1906 MexiquePachuca Toscano/Hermanos Pastor El comedor encantado