Danseuse microscopique



Danseuse microscopique

MEL 1908

Bailarina microscópica

novedad cinematográfica

MEL 1904-A

The Dancing Midget

This is an absolutely new and extraordinary subject. A juggler takes in succession about a dozen eggs out of his servant's mouth. He breaks all the eggs into a hat, and after having beaten them up after the manner of a cook, he extracts an egg as large as the hat itself. As soon as he sets this egg on the table there appears a tiny dancing girl, full of life, as big as a baby's doll, and who performs on the table some beautiful stage dances. All of a sudden she increases to the size of a ordinary woman, and jumping on the floor she delights the audience with her turns. The juggler and the dancing girl disappear in the most extraordinary way.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 392-393  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 < 05/11/1902 40 m/195 ft
4 France, Paris  


05/11/1902 EspagneBurgos Farrús La bailarina microscópica
06/12/1902 EspagneVitoria, Teatro Principal
Farrús La bailarina microscópica 
21/06/1903 EspagneTarragone, Rambla de San Juan Palacio de la Magia La bailarina microscópica (en colores)
28/08/1903 EspagneAlmería, Teatro Variedades Cinematógrafo Bailarina microscópica (en colores)
27/11/1904 EspagneLogroño, Plaza Mayor Pabellón del cinematógrafo  Bailarina microscópica