La Femme volante


La Femme volante

Marvellous Suspension and Evolutions

WAR 1902

Marvelous Suspension

After numerous exhibitions of the black art by the magician, he causes a handsome young woman to appear suspended in the air. She slowly turns until her head is pointed towards the floor and her feet toward the ceiling. She revolves in both directions, as though on a pivot, with apparently nothing to hold her. Here is a picture that will amuse any audience, and cause them to stare in astonishment at this wonderful performance.

LUB 1903-01

La mujer volante


MEL 1904-A

Marvellous Suspension and Evolution

A large vase appears in the centre of the stage, and while it is being admired by a rather aged gentleman is suddenly transformed into a pretty girl. She comes down from the stand on which she appears and begins to dance for the old man. She then rises mysteriously in the air and performs graceful evolutions without any visible means of support. After a marvelous performance she slowly fades away from view. A tableau is then formed by a number of girls. The old man looks on with admiration and agreeable surprise. Any audience that sees this film projected will receive a treat similar to his.

MEL 1905-A

La Femme volante

MEL 1908


1 Méliès 417-418 Warwick Trading Co 4417
2 Georges Méliès
3 < 04/10/1902 40 m/130 ft
4 France  


04/10/1902 Grande-BretagneLondres The Era  Marvellous Suspension and Evolutions