[L'Oracle de Delphes]



[L'Oracle de Delphes]

El oráculo de Delphes

MEL 1904-A

The Oracle of Delphi

This time it is before the door of a temple of Delphi that the fancy of the artist conducts us. This temple occupies the entire width of the scene; two sphinxes of stone upon massive pedestals guard the strong iron door.
Desiring to make an offering to the divinity which graces the edifice, a rich nobleman commands his slaves to bring the coffer which contains the precious treasures to be presented. After locking the door, penetrates into the sanctuary and comes out with the precious box, which has but a moment before been deposited the sacred image of the divinity. But fear and horror are depicted in his countenance. He falls upon his knees, pressing against his breast the object of his crime. Suddenly the god of the temple appears at the door. He orders the coffers to be returned, and the sacrilege to be atoned for. At his orders the stone sphinxes become animated, after having remained for ages silent and motionless. They seize the bandit and change his head into that of an ass, and to expiate his crime he will have to wear it the rest of his sad existence. The sphinxes remount the pedestals and resume the fixed unchangeableness of stone from which they will never more depart.
The picturesque setting and the marvellous mechanism heighten the intensity of interest of this film.

MEL 1905-A



Méliès 476

2 Georges Méliès
3 1903 30m/100ft
4 France


07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès L'Oracle de Delphes
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
476     L'Oracle de Delphes
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