[Tom Tight et Dum Dum]



[Tom Tight et Dum Dum]

Jacky Jaggers and Dummy Dum

These comical fellows are about to do their famous knock-about act. Jacky Jaggers is supposed to be drunk and begins to sing. Dummy Dum is driven almost frantic by the noise and attacks his partner by punching him with his fist, caning him and finally attacking him with a Seltzer Siphon, but all to no purpose. Seizing a huge mallet, he gives his chum a terrific blow, which drives him partly into the floor, so that only his head and trunk protrudes. Jaggers will not be quiet and Dummy Dum hits him again until only his head appears, and he jumps on the head with both feet until there is nothing left. A Dummy is brought forth and Dummy bounces its head on the ground until it turns into a rubber ball. Throwing it high into the air, it descends on his head and is immediately transformed into a high hat, which he juggles for a while. He then throws it on the floor, when it again becomes a ball, and from that into the head of the dummy from which it originally was taken. A clown appears, and, throwing the arms, legs and trunk of the dummy to Dummy Dum, he wraps them up in a table-cloth and attempts to carry them away, but it is too heavy for him, and on looking into the cloth to see what impedes his progress, he discovers that the dummy has come to life. She performs a few lively steps and falls into Dummy Dum’s arms, where she breaks to pieces. Dummy Dum profoundly bows to the audience, while Jaggers reappears through the floor and hits his partner a violent blow. Exasperated beyond endurance, Dummy Dum kicks Jaggers violently, and he is scattered into a thousand pieces all over the stage. Dummy Dum leaves, and it will make you to look in wonderment when you see Jagger’s body, which had been scattered all over the ground, collect itself, and in course of time each part joins the other and Jaggers leaps to his feet, sage and sound, but he looks at himself with surprise as he is dressed in the costume of a ballet dancer. He rushes off to revenge himself on his Dummy Dum.

LUB 1904-06

Tom-Tight y Dum-Dum

MEL 1904-A

Jack Jaggs and Dum Dum

(Fantastical Comic Eccentrics.)

The decoration represents a scene in a café concert, Dum Dum, a comical English eccentric, enters upon the scene to do his turn. He brings upon a chair a manikin representing a danseuse. During the time, Jack Jaggs, a singer who does a specialty as a drunken character, comes in believing that it is his turn to perform. He begins to sing his drunken song, furious that his colleague has not left the stage. But Jack Jaggs continues to sing imperturbably in spite of the fact that Dum Dum deals him blows of the fist, of the foot and of the cane, and finally douses him with a syphon of seltzer water. Dum Dum becomes more and more enraged, seizes an enormous mallet with which he deals Jack Jaggs a crushing blow, and by repeated attacks drives the latter, who still continues to sing, to the ground. Finally, with a stamp of the foot upon Jack Jaggs’ head. Dum Dum effectively puts his enemy out of the way. The latter then calls two clowns, who throw to him the head of the manikin with which Dum Dum juggles. When he throws the head down on the floor it is instantly transformed into a balloon, which he catches and balances on the tip of his cane; he then throws it upward and it falls upon his head, changing at once into a hat. After various feats with the hat, it falls to earth, rebounds into the air, at the same time resuming the form of the balloon. Dum Dum catches the balloon in his hands, when it changes into the head of the danseuse. The clowns throw successively to Dum Dum the body, the arms and the legs of the manikin. He then seizes a bundle in a tablecloth. Just as he puts it on his shoulder he grabs the corners of the cloth, pulling it apart only to disclose a danseuse truly alive, who leaps to the ground. She performs a few steps and then falls into Dum Dum’s arms, only to be broken by him into pieces, which are scattered around. Then he falls upon the two clowns and likewise dismembers them. Dum Dum makes a profound bow to the audience just as Jack Jaggs reappears through a trap-door and hits his rival a hard blow on the nose. When the former begins to sing he exasperates Dum Dum, who pulverizes Jack Jaggs with a fierce kick which sends the pieces all over the place. Dum Dum then collects the remains of the danseuse and the singer and stamps upon them just as he makes his exit. The pieces, nevertheless, come together again and form a strange personage, composed of the head of Jack Jaggs and his body clothed in his familiar coat and the skirt and legs of the danseuse. This new grotesque personage pursues Dum Dum off the stage in vain efforts to seek revenge. (Very comical and replete with numerous effective tricks.)

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 508-509  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1903 50m/167ft/160ft (LUB)
4 France   


06/03/1905  EspagneCádiz, pl. de Isabel II
Cinematógrafo  Yombink y Dum-Dum
31/08/1905 Espagne, Mahón, Casino "El Consey" Cinematógrafo Dum Dum (cuadro cómico)