[Illusions funambulesques]



[illusions funambulesque]

Ilusiones funambulescas

MEL 1904-A

Extraordinary Illusions

(New subject with extraordinary tricks.)

In the middle of a parlor there is a table upon which gradually comes into view a Chinaman holding a Chinese umbrella and a fan. He leaps down, runs about the room, remounts upon the table, leaps down again and transforms himself into an up-to-date juggler. He makes a pass and the table of its own accord tumbles along to the front of the scene. The juggler makes a box come out the umbrella, the former of which he shows to be empty, then closes the cover. At a movement of the hand the lid of the box rises up. He holds his hands over the box and a large veil comes out of it and enters into his hands by its own power. He lays the veil upon a chair. Afterwards of their own accord, there emerge from the box the body, the arms, the legs and the head of a lady dancer. The juggler collects all the pieces upon the floor and it scurries away. He then seizes the manikin, hurls it into the air, and when it falls back it becomes a live person and does a turn at a dance. The juggler tears, then, the clothes from the dancer and she finds herself transformed into a female clown; he throws her a hat and a dress transforming her into a dancing comedienne. He makes her sit upon the table and he next tries to embrace her, but she suddenly changes into a grotesque cook stirring a stew in a saucepan. The cook mounts on the table, the juggler gives him a kick, the cook leaps down, but before reaching the floor he becomes a danseuse. The juggler wraps her in the veil which lies over the chair, throws the veil into the air and it immediately resolves itself into a mass of bits of paper, leaping about while falling to the floor. At the same moment the vanished danseuse reappears upon the table. The juggler gives her his hand and makes her descend, and in the leap she changes again into the cook. But with a kick the juggler ends up the cook, who falls into pieces. Finally the juggler himself leaps upon the table and slowly fades away dancing the cake-walk.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 512-513  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1903 50m/135ft
4 France