Siva l'invisible


Siva l'invisible

La invisible Siva

MEL 1904-A

The Invisible Siva 

(A Wonderful Feat of Hindoo Magic.)

Scene opens showing interior of woods in India. In the centre is displayed a native altar of worship. The high priest enters, and at his command enter two native slaves, whom he commands to remove the pedestal in the centre of the alter. In its place he places an urn; with a few mysterious passes he causes flames to issue forth, to the consternation of his servants. He then throws a magic powder into the flames, and there appears, after the explosion, a beautiful vision of Siva the Invisible, who mysteriously ascends to the centre of the altar; and, before they can admire her beauty, she fades away into space. Not to be outdone, the priest makes a few more passes, and gradually there appears in the place of Siva a Hindoo princess. Both the priest and the servants fall on their knees to worship her. She immediately takes her place on the pedestal, and to the alarm of all turns to the stone statue of Buddah, the Hindoo God. They flee in terror.
A beautiful subject indeed, moral and intellectual, very interesting. 

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 546  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1904 30 m/95 ft
4 France  


09/08/1905 Mexique, Veracruz Toscano/Barreiro La Shivia invisible
07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès Siva l'Invisible
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
546     Siva l'Invisible
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