[Sorcellerie culinaire]



[Sorcellerie culinaire]

La cocina del diablo


MEL 1904-A

The Cook in Trouble

This excessively amusing, comical and animated view shows the interior of a kitchen, with a large range and its pipe forming the background. A staircase leads to the upper floor. The kitchen is lighted by a window, before which lies a large box where the flour is kept. At the moment when the scene begins the two assistant cooks and the scullery-maid are deeply engaged in preparing the vegetables, while the chef occupies himself with his fires. A young and complying village girl brings provisions, and the cooks tease her and try to unlade her of her commodities. At this moment an old beggar comes to solicit alms of the chef, who refuses to listen to him at two appeals and drives him from the kitchen. Unfortunately for him, the beggar is an enchanter, who, after having resumed his original form throws a spell over the kitchen in order to avenge himself-this is the source of the cause of all the comical troubles which the chef has got to endure. The latter takes the salt-box to salt the food which is cooking on the range. He puts the box back into its place, but while his back is turned the box suddenly grows large and sends out an imp who turns upon the food all the salt there is in the box and returns into it back on to the range forcibly and disgustedly while making a wry face, for it has been horribly salted. He looks into the salt-box and then accuses the scullery-maid of having thrown into the pot all the salt in the box. Just now the salt-box opens and there emerges from it three imps who, after having made some cabrioles, open the flour-box, into which they disappear. The chef now mounts rapidly the staircase ant the maid, who happened to start to descend it at the same time, throws herself into his arms and the two roll down and pick themselves up a little the worse for several bruises. The imps returning, a most ridiculous chase now takes place between them and the chef, his two assistants and the maid, for it is now suspected what has been the cause of the deviltry in the kitchen. They traverse walls and windows, jumping into the pots only to spring out of the ash-pan or the coal-box. The chef is left alone in the kitchen; the stove pipe, pushed over by the imps, falls upon his unfortunate head. At last the imps take possession of him and throw him head foremost into the pot, and when his assistants come to his aid the poor chef is cooked, and they withdraw from the pot only the tattered clothing of the unfortunate victim.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 585-588  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 85m/275ft
4 France