La Sirène



La Sirène

MEL 1908

The Mermaid

A gentleman entering his parlor fills an aquarium with water, then placing his high hat upon a small table, he fills it with water drawn from the aquarium; and provided with a fishing rod and a line, he fishes in his hat and draws out a quantity of fish, which he puts into the aquarium. The aquarium increases in size, and it assumes such large dimensions that it covers the whole picture. Among the fish swimming about one sees appear a lovely living mermaid having the head and bust of a woman, while the rest of the body has the form of a fish terminated by a tail curved backward. The aquarium disappears gradually and is replaced by a grotto, in the midst of which the fascinating mermaid remains suspended without any apparent support. After some passes which the gentleman makes, the tail of the mermaid is gradually transformed and her body resumes the human form. Upon invitation, she lies down in a half-open shell of much beauty, while nymphs with large veils come and group themselves around her. The man, changed into Neptune, contemplates the charming picture before him. This film is recommended for its lovely conception and for the perfection of its execution. The illusion of the mermaid, the woman-fish, is absolutely perfect.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 593-595  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 70 m/233 ft
4 France  


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