[Les Mésaventures de M. Boit-sans-soif]



[Les Mésaventures de M. Boit-sans-soif]

The Mischances of a Drunkard

A most comical view during the course of which a drunkard who has taken off his overcoat wishes to put in on again; but as he is no table to succeed in it, he asks aid of two bystanders, who hold the coat behind a lamp-post, so that when the stupid fellow has inserted his arms into the sleeves he finds himself fast to the lamp-post. In his efforts to disengage himself he breaks the lamp-post and it falls upon the basket of a pastry vender, whose cakes fall upon the ground. The police rush to the noise and bear away the drunkard to the station house, with his back fastened to the lamp-post, he himself dangling upon the end of it.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 596-597  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 50m/168ft
4 France  


01/09/1905 FranceParis, Les Folies Bergère American Cinetograph  Les Mésaventures de M. Boit sans soif 
02/08/1907 FranceParis, Théâtre de Grenelle Pathé Frères  Boit sans soif