Les Invités de M. Latourte


Les Invités de M. Latourte

Simple Simon's Surprise Party

The Simple Simons have determined to give a dinner to their friends in honor of the birthday of the Madam. They call their chef, who, just as he is on the point of presenting himself to them, is headed off by Mephisto, who has come to make a brief tour of the earth and to amuse himself at the expense of mortals. Mephisto appears to Mr. and Mrs. Simple Simon in the costume of a cook; he receives their orders. Then he rapidly withdraws from an inexhaustible basket the table, the cloth, the napkins, all the service, and even all the chairs necessary for the guests. The latter arrive and joyously seat themselves around the magnificently appointed table; but, at the moment when they begin to eat, everything disappears in the midst of flames. The guests, amazed at this spectacle, rush off, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Simple Simon, who are at a loss to account for such an exhibition.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 628-631  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 85 m/295 ft
4 France  


 20/12/1905 EspagneValence  Cinematógrafo Moderno Los invitados de Mr. Laporta