[ Voyage à travers l'impossible (Supplément )]



[Voyage à travers l'impossible (supplément)]

Supplementary Section of the "Impossible Voyage"

Several of our customers, among whom is the director of the Alhambra Theatre, London, having asked us for a brilliant finale, as impossible as the Voyage itself, we have added to this magnificent view the three following tableaux:

41. Crazyloff’s Study.-The savants come and find the engineer Crazyloff, and, in spite of their fortunate return, bitterly reproach the wretched man for having lost in the course of the voyoage more than half of the material which had cost them so much to construct. Crazyloff is suddenly seized with an idea something marvellous.

42. The Tower of the Institute.-He leads the savants to the top of the tower of the Institute and orders brought up an electro-magnet of an enormous size. By passing a current of 20,000 volts through the magnet he makes it strong enough to draw and to pull back the automobile lost in Switzerland, the train lost in the sun, and the submarine lost in the sea.

43. The Triumph of Crazyloff.- The savants observe the summit of the tower equipped with gigantic electro-magnets. Crazyloff turns on the current, and suddenly the train, the auto, the balloons and the submarine come back from the four corners of space and fix themselves upon the arms of the electro-magnet. Crayzloff triumphs and receives the enthusiastic felicitations of his colleagues.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 660-661  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 50m/180ft
4 France  


07/02/1905  Cuba, La Habana, Teatro Albisu Cinematógrafo franco-cubano
Un viaje a través de lo imposible
25/04/1905 Cuba, La Habana Casasús Un viaje imposible
29/04/1905 Cuba, La Habana Costa Un viaje imposible
03/07/1906 Cuba, La Habana Enrique Rosas El viaje al Sol
17/08/1906 Cuba, La Habana Carlos A. Prada Viaje imposible