Inauguration Subjects


Inauguration Subjects

Nº 1. President-elect Roosevelt, Vice-President-elect Fairbanks and escort going to the Capitol

Nº 2. Taking the Oath of Office

President-elect Roosevelt and Vice-President-elect Fairbanks arriving at the Capitol, escorted by Mayor Sylvester, Chief of Pilice; Fort Hamilton Artillery Band; Grand Marshal Leiut.-Gen. Chaffee and staff; and the Congressional Committee.
Chief Justice Fuller administering the oath of office and the President delivering his inaugural adress.
President Roosevelt entering his carriage in front of the Capitol and receiving a great ovation while standing bare-headed. Also a splendid likeness of Vice-Prsident Fairbankc entering his carriage and saluting the crowd. These are the ONLY MOVING PICTURES obtained of the ceremonies at the Capitol and are a magnificent and faithful portrayal of this great national event.

Nº 3. Leaving the Capitol

President Rossevelt, escorted by Troop A and a detachment of Rough Riders, proceeding along Pennsylvania Avenue, standing in his carriage and bowing to the assembled multitude. A splendid and inspiring picture.

Nº 4a. The Grand Inaugural Parade, Section I

West Point Cadets, Brigade Midshipmen Annapolis Naval Academy, Native Porto Rico Provisional Regiment, Native Philippine Scouts, Battalion United States Seamen, 3rd Battalion Field Artillery, Ist Squadron 7th U.S. Cavalry.

Nº 4b. The Grand Inaugural Parade, Section II

Company A, 3rd Infantry, Connecticut; Massachusets Naval Brigade, Battery F, at double quick; Ist Troop Cavalry, New Jersey; Gov. Pennypacker, of Pennsylvania, and staff; Brooklyn Naval Brigade, Squadron A, Brooklyn; Virginia Light Infantry-Richmond Blues; 23rd Regt., Brooklyn National Guard.

MEL 1905-A


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2 Gaston Méliès  
3 04/03/1905 130ft-215ft-130ft-290ft-225ft
4 États-UnisWashington


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