Le Menuet lilliputien



Le Menuet lilliputien

The Liliputian Minuet

A magnificent marble statue is carelessly supported upon an amphora of the same material. Under the passes of a prestidigitateur, the statue becomes animated and serves him as an assistant. The latter takes a pack of ordinary playing cards and places them in a casket of glass. Four cards, the king of spades, the queen of hearts, the queen of clubs, and the king of diamonds, come out of the pack individually and go into the hands of the juggler without any apparent assistance. He places the four cards upright on a small platform, and there the four figures on them become animated, leave the surface of the cards, advance to the middle of the platform, and dance a minuet gracefully and prettily, the figures preserving the diminutive size of those on the cards. The dance over, each returns to its place before its corresponding playing card, and is mysteriously merged into the card as at first. This latter is an entirely new trick, most cleverly executed, a wonder of gracefulness and prettiness.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 690-692  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 < 13/05/1905 60 m/200 ft
4 France  


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The Liliputian Minuet
EspagneAlicante, Salón Novedades
Sr. Mora 
Minué liliputiense 
09/09/1905 Cinematógrafo
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