[Les Chevaliers du chloroforme]


[Les Chevaliers du chloroforme]

The Chloroform Fiends

A respectable fellow has quietly taken a seat upon a bench in a park, and worn out from the excessive heat of the day, has fallen asleep. Two ramblers happen upon him and, seeing him an easy prey, chloroform him and proceed to rob him event to the extent of removing his clothes. The fellow under the influence of the drug has a pleasant dream while imagining himself surrounded by the houris of the seventh heaven of Mahomet. But he is quickly brought back to realize his actual situation by two policemen who, in the course of they pounds, have observed this man asleep in the park, only partly dressed. They lead him away to the station to the delight of the two thieves who, from afar, have watched his arrest. While they themselves follow with their eyes the departure of their victim, a third thief sneaks up and snatches their booty which he successfully gets away with. The two prowlers accuse each other of the theft of the booty and come to most violent blows. The last scene shows us the heads of the three rogues in their natural size,-three fine specimens of ruffians who swarm about the environs of Paris.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 702-704  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1905 65m/220ft
4 France  


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The Chloroform Fiends


0702-0704 01

Les Chevaliers du chloroforme, photographie de plateau
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