La Tour de Londres ou Les Derniers Moments d'Anne de Boleyn


La Tour de Londres ou Les Derniers Moments d'Anne Boleyn

The Tower of London

The Death of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England

Henry the Eighth, King of England, had six wives, and it is well known that he had several of them put to death, some by the axe, some by poison, and another by the rope. The following view is the reproduction of the death of Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London, the celebrated prison of state in the sixteenth century.

1. The Interior of the Tower.-For several weeks Anne Boleyn has been shut up in that part of the tower known as the Tower of Beauchamp. This celebrated dungeon where so many noted characters have been incarcerated is most faithfully reproduced on the screen; even the inscriptions which the hapless inmates have cut into the stone blocks of the walls may be seen. The inconstant and cruel Henry VIII has decided to have his wife put to death. Anne is alone. Her bed is merely a pallet of straw. There is only a crust of bread to nourish her, and a jug of water to quench her thirst. Her jailors are moved by her misfortune, and they show to her their sympathy. After saying her prayers, she stretches herself out on her cot and falls asleep.


2. The Vision.-In her sleep she dreams that she is still queen of England. She again finds herself in the Hall of Honor of her palace, receiving the lords and ladies of the court whom she and the king have just entertained at a banquet. At the end of the repast, the lord chamberlain rises to propose a toast to her. The guests stand up, and as she is on the point of responding the scene changes.

3. The Condemnation.-She finds herself in her vision in the midst of the lords who have been transformed into white penitents, clothed in cowls, with their hoods drawn down over their faces. They are in the Tower of Beauchamp. The cup slips from her fingers. The High Chancellor, accompanied by two judges, advances to proclaim to her the decision of the king that she has been condemned to be beheaded at once. She struggles with the executioners who drag her off to the scaffold.

4. The Courtyard of the Tower of London.-The setting is an exact reproduction of the courtyard where the queen was executed. Anne Boleyn is led away to the fatal block; the two assistants lay her down by main force and place her head upon the block; the executioner raises his axe which makes a revolting gurgling sound as it falls.

5. Reality.-At this moment the queen, struggling, awakes. She is in the Tower of Beauchamp. It is only a frightful vision which she has had. She falls upon her knees, and after a fervent prayer she becomes calm. When the chancellor comes, this time in reality, to announce to her the sentence of the king, she listens with resignation. Alone, she advances to the scaffold with majesty for she has placed herself in the hands of God. Her jailor, moved with compassion, sheds tears as he gazes from the window out upon the execution of this unfortunate and undeserving victim.

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