[Le Tripot clandestin]



[Le Tripot clandestin]

The Scheming Gamblers' Paradis

Some gamblers have gathered together in a gambling-house to enjoy roulette, faro and poker. They are forewarned of the coming visit of the police, and instantly transform the place into a millinery shop; and, to add to the deception, the women have removed their hats meanwhile. When the police captain enters he is astonished to find, in place of a band of excited players, a well appointed shop in which the women are at work busily making hats or engaged in showing their goods to intending customers. But the captain is bound not to be tricked again by these clever devices, so he retires with the determination to watch very carefully this unsavory house. Hardly has he departed when everything is restored to the former state and the games are renewed with energy. But they are most unexpectedly interrupted by a second visit of the police. There is no time to clear away the outfit, so the men and women gamblers put out the lights and vanish in the darkness. The officers poke their way around the hall, but in the obscurity they run into the furniture and tumble over one another. In this mêlée the captain succeeds in restoring the lights. But when the latter beholds that his much-sought game has escaped, leaving their cards and chips behind, he takes the place of the banker and invites his party to sit down and try their luck against him. A most animated scene follows, with the officers of the law striving to win against the captain of the police. This is one of the most entertaining comedies in our series founded on a true incident.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 784-785  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1905 55m/180ft
4 France  


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