Serpentine (Annabelle)




Byt the famous "Annabelle." These dances are among the finest for the effects of costume, light, and shade, and are very popular.

EDI 1895-08


1 Edison (MU 49) Maguire & Baucus
2 W. K. L. DicksonWilliam Heise. Annabelle Whitford
3 <16/08/1894 50 ft
4 États-UnisWest Orange. Black Maria.


16/08/1894 États-Unis. New York. Brooklyn.  Maguire & Baucus  Annabelle in the Serpentine Dance
12/11/1894 États-Unis. Washington, 527 15th St. Edison's Kinetoscope Annabelle, the beautiful skirt dancer
08/03/1895 SuisseLausanne, Salle de la Tribune de Lausanne MM. Zimmermann Loïe Fuller, la danse serpentine
03/04/1896 États-Unis. New YorkWest Orange. Vitascope  Serpentine Dance 
An Improved Kinetoscope
NEW YORK, April 4.-A new invention by Thomas A. Edison was shown to a few favored persons at West Orange laboratory tonight. The new machine is really a grown-up kinetoscope, and is a success. Edison calls his latest invention the "vitascope," which, he says, means at machine showing life, and that is exactly what the new apparatus does. The vitascope is an improvement on the kinetoscope, by which moving life-size figures of men, women and animals are thrown upon a screen by means of bright lights and powerful lenses.
The first picture shown tonight was a colored panorama of a serpentine dance by Annabelle. The film roll on which the photographs were attached were arranged over a half-dozen spools and pulleys, and the machine was set in motion. Even the inventor himself was surprised at the result. Annabelle danced for five minutes and then a panorama of the English derby was thrown upon the screen.
Los Angeles Herald, Los Angeles, 5 avril 1896, p. 1.
06/07/1896 PortugalLisbonne, Real Colyseu Edwin Rousby A Dança serpentine
24/07/1896 Portugal, Porto, Theatro Príncipe Real Edwin Rousby Dança serpentina
26/07/1896 États-Unis, Kansas City, The Lyons Mail Vitascope Annabelle's Serpentine Dance
08/09/1896 MexiqueMexico, Teatro-Circo Orrín Mrs C. P. Gardner  The Serpentine Dance
15/09/1896 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Principal Vitascopio Una serpentina 
01/10/1896 MexiqueGuadalajara T. C. O'Connor  La serpentina
Además, en ciertos cuadros hay colores, apareció por ejemplo una serpentina con traje amarillo-rojo, que al danzar el baile del Sol, dejaba ver los cambiantes de la túnica.
El Monitor republicano, México, 15 de septiembre de 1896, p. 3.
10/10/1896 États-Unis. Sydney Vitascope Serpentine Dance
Come and see the Graceful ANNABELLE perform the Serpentine Dance; every movement faithfully pourtrayed, and by a new and ingenious process, the NATURAL COLOURS of the face, hair, &c., and the beautiful tints of the drapery are shown, giving an absolutely lifelike affect to the reproduction.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 octobre 1896, p. 2.
03/11/1896 MexiqueMexicoProfesa nº 6 kinetófono  Serpentina
05/06/1897 États-Unis. Deadwood. Kinetoscope reproduction Annabelle serpentine dancer