Finale of 1st Act Hoyt's "Milk White Flag"




Finale of 1st Act Hoyt's "Milk White Flag"

Showing 34 Persons in Costume. The largest number ever shown as one subject in the Kinetoscope.

EDI 1894-10

Milk White Flag

This scene represents the grand assembly march from the finale of the first act in Hoyt's "Milk White Flag, and contains thirty-four figures in full costume, including Bands. Vivandieres, Drum Corps, Messenger Boys, etc., etc. A very fine subject.

EDI 1895-08


1 Edison (MU 101) Maguire & Baucus 64 
2 W. K. L. Dickson; William Heise  
A highly condensed finale from Hoyt's "Milk White Flag" was also given, comprising twenty-four actors, together with certain thrilling Mongolian experiences, enacted respectively in a laundry and opium den. These are quite lively, necessitating, as they do, the intervention of the police, and an indiscriminate melée.
W.K.L. Dickson and Antonia Dickson, History of the Kinetograph, Kinetoscope and Kineto-phonograph, 1895, p. 50.
3 ≤10/1894 50 ft
4 États-Unis, West Orange, Black Maria


11/02/1895 États-Unis, Duluth  M. S. Burrows & Co Hoyt's Milk White Flag 
  0103 01
The Duluth Evening Herald, February 11, 1895, p. 8.
03/03/1895  États-UnisWashington   Milk White Flag
0103 02
The Evening Star, Washington, March 3, 1895, p. 8
26/03/1895 MexiqueMéxico John R. Roslyn Final de la "Bandera Blanca"
26/06/1896 PortugalLisbonne, Real Colyseu Edwin Rousby Marcha Triunfal da Opereta "A Bandeira Branca"
21/07/1896 PortugalPorto, Theatro Príncipe Real Edwin Rousby Marcha Triunfal
17/10/1896 MexiqueMéxico vitascopio The White Flag