The "King of the Wire" in his marvellous Slack Wire Performance.

EDI 1894-10


"The King of the Wire." A marvelous slack wire performance, in which Caceido turns somersaults in the air while balancing on the wire.

EDI 1895-08


The "King of the Wire" in his marvellous Slack Wire Performance.

EDI 1897-04


1 Edison 121 (MU 46)  
2 W.K.L. DicksonWilliam Heise Juan Antonio Caicedo
3 25/07/1894 50 ft

Signor Caicedos’s Fine Exibition
A remarkable exhibition was given at the Edison laboratory on Wednesday morning, when Signor Caicedo, the king of the tight rope dancers, who has been exhibiting at Koster & Bial’s, came out and was photographed by Professor W.K.L. Dickson. The kinetographic pictures were the principal ones taken, although several large pictures were also made. Those who have seen Signor Caicedo perform his marvelous acts need no description of them. The Kinetographic “Black Maria,” as it is called, in which the pictures are usually made, was of course not available for the purpose, as it would have been impossible to stretch a tight rope in the limited space of the building. The tight rope of wire was therefore stretched in the open air directly north of the building. It is the first time that any kinetographic pictures have been taken in the open air, and the results were looked forward to with interest. Heretofore, the success of the pictures has depended largely on the intense inky blackness of the tunnel behind the figure or figures, and hence the development of the films was looked forward to with no little interest. Signor Caicedo went through all his well known feats on the tight wire, jumping, dancing, posturing, turning sommersaults forward and backward, springing in the air and facing in the opposite direction before he settled on the wire again, and making effective poses on the wire at intervals. When he had gone through this series of feats he discarded the balance pole and with a big pair of boots and a huge pair of Mexican spurs on went through the same wonderful series of performances. There were present at the exhibition, besides Mr. Dickson and his assistants, only three or four ladies, friends of Professor Dickson, and a representative of the CHRONICLE. Signore Caicedo was loudly applauded. He was engaged in conversation between the feats and gave many interesting anecdotes of his experiences.

Orange Chronicle, Orange, 28 juillet 1894, p. 5.

4 États-UnisWest Orange. Edison Laboratory.


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