Cavalier sur un cheval rétif



Cavalier sur un cheval retif

LUM 1897-01

Mexican Riding a Bucking Bronco

MB 1897

Mexican Riding Bucking Bronco

It generally requires three or four men to saddle a mustang for the first time. The most daring of these (who must of necessity be a skilful ridere cautiously places one foot in the stirrup, and, as he swings himself into the saddle, the others release their hold on the animal, which immediately commences to "buck" and do its utmost to unseat the unwelcome rider. A splendid subject to follow 1350.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 356 (AS 1319) Maguire & Baucus 1356
2 Gabriel Veyre
3 [20/10/1896]-12/11/1896 17 m
4 Mexique, Guadalajara, ferme d'Atequiza  


12/11/1896 Mexique, Guadalajara Cinematógrafo Lumière  El amansador
07/02/1897 CubaLa Havane Gabriel Veyre Ginete mexicano domando un potro (primera silla)
07/11/1897 France, Clermont-Ferrand Henri Amblard Un cavalier sur un cheval rétif (Mexique)
21/08/1898 MexiqueMorelia Édouard Hervet  Caballo brincador
23/04/1899 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière Cavalier sur un cheval rétif
29/09/1901 MexiqueToluca Charles Mongrand Charros domando caballos
05/10/1903 Haïti, Port-au-Prince Cie Internationale du Cinématographe Lumière Un cavalier sur un cheval rétif
14/11/1904 Algérie, Orléansville Le Cinématographe Lyonnais Cheval rétif, Mexique